Coccidiosis??? Poop picture provided.

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    Hi there! On Saturday afternoon (yesterday), we went and picked up a 12wk old silkie as a companion for our lone hen. The silkie has been in quarantine for 24 hours, and although she is eating/drinking, I have noticed sneezing, she is slightly lethargic (not moving around much), and she has had light goop in her eye twice but it went away when she blinked. I figured she may just be stressed from the change, but my better half and I just noticed this bloody looking stool. Is this Coccidiosis, or maybe just her body adjusting to the change in feed? She is not vaccinated (not a problem for us) and she was on half regular feed, half medicated medicated chick feed up until yesterday when we started her on organic, non gmo feed. I've also added organic apple cider vinegar to her water. I was going to monitor her one more night before getting in touch with the breeder. Any words of advice will be greatly appreciated!
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    Stop the ACV because of her intestinal infection and bleeding, and give her a little buttermilk or milk with some chick feed. As soon as you can get Corid (amprollium) at your feedstore, start it at 1 1/2 teaspoonsful of powder (or 2 tsp of liquid Corid) per gallon of water or make a smaller amount. Treat her for 5 days. After her treatment give her vitamins and probiotics for 1 week. After she is better in 3 weeks and has been on your soil, you may want to give her another 1/2 strength treatment for 5 days with Corid. She does sound like she also has a respiratory infection such as mycoplasma, infectious bronchitis, or coryza. That is contagious and is a carrier disease. So you might even want to take her back. Some links you may wish to read:
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