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May 1, 2011
I have recently treated my Orpingtons for Coccidiosis. They have been off Corid for aprox. a week now. They are showing symptoms again. Is it okay to re-treat them or will it cause an immunity? I'm assuming that since they have become ill again (or it never really went away to begin with) then I can't cancel out any "immunity" because they obviously don't have any. Is this a correct assumption?

Thanks so much!
I would switch to Sulmet for treatment. We are finding from numerous people who have contacted us, that Corid is not working as well as they had hoped. Corid is a milder form of coccidiostat and does not always do the trick. We have great results with Sulmet and Cocci generally clears up within 24 hours. If you get the small bottle, use 1 capful per 1 quart of water as their only water source. Run this for 3 - 5 days depending on the severity of the problem. You should see noticable results within 24 hours.
I have twice needed to treat twice with Corid for symptoms that resurfaced a few days later.

Yes, it happens.

I haven't used sulmet (but I have a bottle just in case) so I can't help you there. It is a little harder on their systems from what I have read but it also kills more strains of cocci.

I agree it sounds reasonable to switch!

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