Coccidiosis turn to wry neck?


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Mar 24, 2021
I had a chicken (almost 6 months) that I noticed was just standing puffed up and lethargic when I let everyone out to free range a couple days ago. I thought it was botulism bc at first she kind of stumbled. I’ve been dipping her beak in water and food but she’s not interested. Then I saw coccidiosis doesn’t always have bloody poop and those fit her symptoms. I’ve been treating with corid since yesterday but she’s not hardly even drinking now and her neck is crooked like wry neck now. It wasn’t a few days ago. She’s really skinny too. Can it turn into wry neck? The treatments can’t go together so what should I do? My husband is going to get tubing and a syringe with the kaytee exact that I read about on here. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
Literally the day before I was thinking wow, I’m lucky I’ve never had to deal with any issues except predators in my 4 years of chickens 😭🤦‍♀️ Because I was thinking about my isa browns lifespan.

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