Mar 24, 2017
I'm quite worried about my and my research has led me to coccidiosis as my problem. I've done my research online on other sites and on BYC, but I want to get some advice in case I missed something.
On with my story---
I've noticed for a few days now that one of my Hamburg hens, Marzia, is puffed out quite often as though she is cold, with a very pale, almost purple comb. Her sister, Candy, has a large and magnificent bright red comb, which Marzia's comb is very small and pale, has me worried. I've been observing my flock and I've noticed that all of them are outside running about and having fun, while Marzia just stands off to the side and watches. She moves quiet slowly too, but she still avoids me in order not to be touched, and it's not as quickly as she otherwise would. She also will go over to where everyone else is once in a while, or when I have treats, and try to obtain a few. Most of the time she'll either stand in the run, go back inside the coop, or dash out the door under my porch where she'll stay there for the longest time. I can confirm that she's drinking, as when I came in last. About 20 minutes ago, I played with my girls for a bit, and went to go find Marzia, where I find a small amount of lime green poop where she was standing. This has me quite confused. I lost a Buckeye not too long ago to unknown reasons, and it was sudden, within a day, while this has been for a while. I'm not sure if it's an illness, coccidiosis, or just a cold. I've checked, and she doesn't seem to be egg bound, on the cold, she doesn't seem to have any breathing problems or sneezing. Does anyone have any ideas as to what this might be, if it's not coccidiosis, and possible treatments?
Sounds to me like she has a intestinal bug. May be add apple cider vinegar to the water. I bought some vitamins in like a bottle with a dropper. I will mix as directed on the bottle and using the dropper open the mouth and drop fluid with vitamins into her directly. They do not like it but some times you have to make them uncomfortable to make them feel better. I have been adding apple cider to all the water on a every other basis I really helps IMO. I got the drops at TSC. Relatively cheap and you can add drops to the flocks water if you want to give them a boost of vitamins. I had one with a weird twist of the neck I guess it was a deficiency of vitamins E or something and the drops added to her helped her straighten up. I think it was called Stargazer or something like that. Best of luck hope that helps you out. :hmm
Alrighty. Thank you! I made a dash to the nearest TSC after I put this thread up, and luckily I grabbed some ACV amongst some other things. Hopefully this will make a difference and I'll have her around for while longer. Speaking of which, her first birthday is in two days. It'd be a real shame if she were to pass beforehand, being so close.

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