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    Apr 6, 2018
    I have 8 baby chicks (2 Australorp, 4 Orpington Buff, 2 Cornish Rock) that I bought Monday at Tractor Supply. They are 1-2 weeks old. This morning I noticed bloody stool in their brooder. I am using Rubbermaid tubs with shaving flakes as their bedding with a heat lamp. I am feeding Dumoor Chick Starter/Grower. I change out the tubs morning and night and scoop out the poop throughout the day. I change the water 2-3 times a day. They are in my living room. They have not been outside.

    I immediately started Corid in their water this morning (2.5ml per quart). All the chicks are still active and eating/drinking but I think it is one of the Australorps that has the bloody stool. It sits by itself at times and has the "hunched" look. I am going to put that chick by itself in "Chick ICU". Once it poops in isolation I will know for sure it is the sick chick. I am going to throw out the tubs and buy new ones. And buy new waters and feeders for both brooders. And start them on medicated feed. I didn't realize the DuMoor is not medicated.

    Is there anything else to do? What is the best way to sanitize everything when I change out the tubs, water/feeders? I have read bleaching works but have heard it is not an instant kill; the bleach has to be left on it for a bit. How long is sufficient to leave the bleach? Is bleach what I need to use?

    These are our 5 year old granddaughter's first chicks and she LOVES these babies. She is not home today, thank goodness. I'm doing my best to save them so she doesn't come home to an empty nest and have her heart broken. We lost a baby goat earlier this week and she is still crying over Marshmallow being gone. I warned her when we picked out the baby chicks that they are fragile and real susceptible to diseases and they may not all make it to adulthood but I was hoping it wouldn't happen. Of course, I know the place of purchase is not the best place for expecting healthy chicks but it was all that was available on a Monday of spring break week with a grandchild wanting baby chicks. I really wanted to wait and order from a hatchery but her being on spring break was a good time to start chicks so she could spend time with them. Fingers crossed we only lose one but hoping for a miracle that they all make it!

    Thank you for your help!! :)
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    Not sure what cleaner you should use.
    I think some sav-a-chick or homemade electrolytes would help to get their energy up a little. However, I don't know that it would be a good idea to put that in their water with the Corid. Maybe you could drip some on their beak every so often to pep them up a little?
    Hopefully your chickies will make it!
    Perhaps next time you get chicks you might consider buying them from an online source, such My Pet Chicken. That's where I got my latest batch and it was successful! :)

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