Mar 13, 2013
Came home from work and checked on my baby chicks and found this poop. It super fresh, cuz it wasnt there when I got home, but was about 15 minutes later when I finished getting the dogs and chickens taken care of. Does this look like cocci?

These chicks were hatched out this past weekend, and have not had any contact with any of my other birds. I take care of them before taking care of the older birds. Their brooder is in my garage.
I'm not sure why it posted a bunch of the same pictures. I've got them on purina chick start non medicated and chick boost vitamins in their water
Ok, just maybe a weird one then? I had read that it was foamy, and when I found that I kinda panicked!

I may not be saying this right, but could it just be cecum poop? That really gross tarry stuff that stains anything and everything?
Cecal poop/droppings maybe? Those are normal and a good sign of a working digestive system.
Thank you!! I couldn't remember the word. I could have just googled it. Lol. That's what my second thought was, after coccidiosis, the bubbles in it just had me puzzled. You're awesome!!
So it's a preventative measure then? It doesnt actually treat anything, just helps prevent it? Interesting! What would you treat it with then?

I need to look up info on this again. It's been years since I've really kept chickens and a lot of the stuff I read has kinda been forgotten. I want to know what causes it and preventions and cures.

Thx again for your help:frow

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