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    Oct 14, 2014
    South Australia
    Hi All! I'm Brooke from Adelaide. I am a first time chick owner and I am paranoid about the poo one of my baby chicks did, other than the hundreds of different poos they do each day, lol. I was informed it could be the intestinal lining or coccidiosis and it worried me. She only did one mucus-like poo, with a lot of the white stuff in it, but also a tiny amount of what looked like blood, although a little more orange. She has been eating, drinking, fighting with her sister and chirping...they do sleep a lot (but I've heard that is normal for babies).

    Since, I have been googling a range of pet suppliers and rang a couple of places looking for over the counter treatments....I am unsure if Australia just doesn't sell the internet recommended treatments or I am pronouncing them wrong to the people on the phone. Other than buying something online for a few hundred dollars, or going to the vet (I'm a broke uni student) I can't seem to find any fast treatments within Adelaide.

    I have always fed them the medicated feed and they are indoors in a clean and dry enclosure with a heat per all recommendations. Should I be concerned? and, is there over the counter treatment, perhaps with a different name to sulphurdim(?), baycox(?), corid(?), sulmet(?), that doesn't cost my weekly earnings?

    Suggestions would be great!

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    She's probably fine, especially if you are already using medicated chick starter I wouldn't think you'd need anything else. Just watch her for a bit. But if she's acting normal, I wouldn't lose sleep over it if I were you.
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