Cochin Bantam Cockerel Embarrassing the Hens- PICS & VIDEO LINK

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    We got a 2 day old Cochin Bantam SR , and placed him under our broody silkie , miesha.
    now that he is about 5 months old he started acting like a rooster by chasing us off and clamping down on our pant leg [​IMG]
    he is small but mighty
    when we caught him doing the gurgly new rooster crow we figured - [​IMG] it was definitely a rooster

    But now HE has gone broody- every morning , sometimes before sometimes after the girls lay their eggs , he will jump in , fluff out , huddle down and sing an egg song. Sometimes he goes into each nest to do it. sometimes he is in there cluckin away for 25 minutes.
    he does check to see if he did lay an egg every once in a while [​IMG]

    Has anyone had this experience?

    My girls are confused too , they sit and watch him?![​IMG]

    I made this Video which shows his quirky behavior [​IMG]
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    LOL, nice try, JP. He`s just trying to encourage the hens to lay. I`ve had many roosters do similar things, even had one to brood chicks when mom dissapeared. If he doesn`t stay on the nest at night then he certainly isn`t broody. Are you relieved, or dissapointed?.........Pop
  3. JP101010

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    Disappointed and Entertained [​IMG]
    I dont know if he is actually encouraging the hens or confusing & embarassing them:lau

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