Cochin Bantam / Silkie / Frizzle ~ Updated! 12+ eggs! ~ Any Takers?


11 Years
May 31, 2009
Lancaster, SC
I have a small flock of cochin bantams! They are all in perfect health. In the Cochin Bantam pen there are....
2 black hens
3 blue hens (sitting)
2 brown hens (don't think they are laying yet.)
covered by a blue roo!
Never know what color! It'll be a surprise!

In the Silkie Pen there are....
6 bearded white hens
1 black hen
covered by 1 white roo and 1 black roo!

Black Cochin hens covered by a white frizzle roo!

I have been getting several blue babies from the silkies!

Lets just say 12+ eggs for $25 shipping included to start. I'll send whatever is layed! Most likely be alot more than 12!

I don't know how many from what pen! Depends on the girls!

Paypal unless other payment have been made!
([email protected])

White hen

Black Hen

White roo

Black roo (Young but VERY busy!!) LOL!

Black Hen

The roo!
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I like the blue roo. we just have a black roo over here with 4 black hens and a white hen with brown/ copper splashs on her. hatched a copper/blue out of her thats about 6 weeks old.
i like the blue rooster too. I have one just like him to go along with my buff rooster and 5 buff hens. I've got some eggs in the bator no tell what color I'll get.Probly like my Polish chicks, white and splash from dark parents.

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