Cochin Bantam size door or opening....?

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    Jan 16, 2014
    Good Afternoon,

    I have a quick question on what size door or opening for some Cochin bantams. We currently have 4 barred Cochin bantams and 3 buff Brahma Cochin bantams. They are currently in our coop and run with all the other chickens. I have several bossy or pushy hens that will sometimes not leave the Cochin bantams alone and other days they get along just fine. I would like to build a run inside of my current run or attached to the current run where the Cochin bantams can go but not the other chickens so they can have some piece. I would like to have the separate run but let them use the same coop at night. So what is the size of opening or door I can install that will comfortably let the Cochin bantams in and out of the separate run but keep the larger hens out? The larger breeds we have are Easter eggers, red sex link, barred rock, welsummer, and speckled Sussex.Thank you very much for the help I appreciate it and my Cochin bantams will appreciate it.


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    I have bantam cochins in with biggins too. I put things in the run they can hide behind as well as in the coop.
    The ole out of sight out of mind has been working with mine.
    As to the door size the big hens can get through some mighty small spaces when they want to. I would be surprised if it kept them out of the second run.

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