cochin bantam vs standard

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    I bought 6 chicks last night at TSC. From the mixed pullet bin. 3 orpingtons and 2 barred rocks and the last one was one that was different color from the orpintons/BRs/and the tetra tins or cornish rocks they've had in there.
    After we got home and pulled everybody out, she was smaller than the rest and I discovered feathered feet/legs. So I'm thinking maybe a bantam and maybe she's a cochin bantam.
    In which case she was in that bin by mistake and could be a he?

    I'd like to give a cochin a try, but I'm not sure I want a bantam one.
    Our smallest duck is 3.5 pounds and while we have a hawk that flies by low and checks things out, so far, I guess he spots easier things in the field behind us... I don't want to chance it and have something smaller than them.

    So what do you think, could she be a cochin bantam? Or is there a feather footed standard that would be this much smaller than the bin mates?


    here she is next to the barred rock
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    It is hard to say if she is a bantam or not. I have ordered all standard sized pullets from the hatchery and sometimes chicks of the same breed will be quite a bit smaller than the others. I guess time will tell.

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