Cochin - boy or girl?


9 Years
Oct 3, 2010
This GLC is 5 weeks old. The comb isn't very big and no pink at all, but the wattles are turning pink now. I read that isn't always an indicator of a roo with cochins, so I'm holding out hope it's a "she" since it's my only cochin.

Boy or girl?






jugeing by the colors you have a pullet the roos would be showing more red across the sholders and chest and wings so my vote is PULLET
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I'm going to vote boy. Just slow developing. I had a couple red cochins that took lots longer than the rest of the boys to end up looking like boys.
Anyone else? I am hearing a mix of answers from various people, so I know I need to just wait a bit. But if he is a roo, I have to rehome him.
I really hope so! I would hate to have to get rid of her. She's so sweet. She is in a brooder with 8 other birds right now that are 1-2 weeks old. She is the youngest, and I'm pretty sure 1 that is a week older is a boy, and 2 that are 2 weeks older are boys, so that might make "her" posture not so "roo", but I hope that's not it.
Im getting a pullet vibe from this one. The coloration is more pullet than rooster at this point and its face is softer. It could be one of those roosters that are slower and look like a pullet for a couple months though. That has happened now and then with my chickens. But I hope that it is a pullet since you want it to be. and I have found that the slower developing roosters are never quite "right" when fully grown and low in the pecking order.

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