cochin breeding colors?

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    Jun 28, 2012
    Naples Maine
    I have 1 blue (LF) cochin pullet & 1 Splash (LF) cochin pullet . I have 2 cochin cockerals and one must go. "Gaylord" is my favorite. Gentle, calm, and very very friendly. He too is a dark blue splash. "Stripes" is a silver laced cochin. Not as friendly but extremely handsome. (I think so) If I keep Stripes the silver laced & breed to my two pullets what are the color combos I could get???

    My son thinks I should put my feelings aside and keep Stripes bacause people who see him like his feathering. So if there are babies in the future they might sell. Input please for a newbie who fell in love with one of the "Boys"[​IMG]
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    Apr 18, 2010
    I would die for either one of those colors! I have a the following LF Cochins, black roo, a BBS hen, LB hen, Brn/Red Roo, and a silver laced pair. I have the BR roo, LB hen, and the BBS hen in a separate pen to start a LF LB color project.

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