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    i have two frizzled Cochins, two regular Cochins, and one Cochin who was supposed to be frizzled but the trait didn't pass on. I want to breed some of them, definitely the frizzled Cochins, but I want to know the chances of breeding a regular Cochin with a frizzled Cochin to get a frizzled Cochin because I have a blue Cochin and two black Cochins that Id like to try and get frizzles from for their color. How will the Cochin the was supposed to drizzle turn out with breeding? If anyone can answer these questions Id love the help. I have until next spring so it's no rush!
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    The gene that results in frizzled feathers is a dominant gene but it is an incompletely dominant or a partial gene. A hen and a rooster with frizzled feathers only have a 25% chance of passing on the fuzzy feathered trait to their offspring while a mating between the same frizzled feathered hen and rooster should produce approximately 50% normal feathered chicks. So get to breeding and hatching eggs because the more hens and roosters that you mate and the more eggs that you set the closer you will be to realizing your goal. Remember that every chick must be marked by some permeant method so that you will know where the chicks you want are coming from.

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