Cochin Chick with bad leg

little feather

6 Years
Feb 17, 2013
Hi, Little Feather here! A dear friend heard me say that I would like to have a couple of Cochins, for their wonderful broody qualities. My friend is 80 yo, knows very little about chickens, other than all my birds, 40 chickens, 4 turkeys, are incredibly fiendly! Any way, today he comes up with two Partridge Cochins, he was so proud that he was able to get the last two!
One is vigorous, and I'm thinking its a Rooster, the other had a bum leg, and I'm sure its a hen. I read the information on splayed legs, etc, but decided to splint and wrap the leg, to imobilize it. I'm not sure if it is actually splayed, dislocated, or broken., but i made the hobble as well.
I'm asking how long does it take to heal, and how do they get around? She isnt able to stand on the leg, She dosent seem to be in pain, and both quickly settled down and cuddle.
the hock was swollen, and the foot seemed to be twisted in an odd angle. When she stood up, she held the leg, back, down, and with the foot tucked up, and slightly twisted in a odd angle. She was walking on the hock. I checked for a missplaced tendon, felt something roll around the hock, then splinted and wrapped it. I thought that if it was the tendon, keeping the leg straighter would be better for healing.
Im not presenting this well, its late and been up with the babies, finally got time to write!
She is a little doll, and I would like to save her!
I thought that Cochins are a hardy breed, but dont know much yet!
Any advice would be appreciated. Thank-you, Little Feather
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