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  1. celeste53

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    I have a new flock 6 months old. Three have started laying.
    My favorite - a white Cochin started acting a bit lazy.
    The first thing I noticed was she didn't fly up to the roost at night.
    I started lifting her up and taking her down with the others.
    She is also waddling a bit when she walks. Is this because she has feathers on her feet?
    I bathed her feet and they look ok. I also checked her over and can't find anything else wrong.
    Could she just be a lazy chicken who enjoys sitting in your lap and being petted??

    I brought her inside for the last two days. She is eating, drinking and her poop seems ok.
    She is not egg bound and her neck does not have any blockages.

    I hope she is ok.
  2. ChickenCanoe

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    Nov 23, 2010
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    Is she still laying eggs?

    It is a docile breed. What other breeds do you have?
  3. celeste53

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    We have a mix of heritage breeds. Dovey is the only Cochin. Is it normal for her to waddle when she walks? I have bathed her feet and can't detect anything abnormal. She seems to be having difficulty getting around. Good to know she is a docile breed. Hopefully just personality. I am introducing her back to the flock tonight.
  4. Wyorp Rock

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    She's lovely.

    Do you have a video of how she waddles?
    Is she laying eggs normally?
    No swelling of the abdomen - nothing bloated or feels like it has fluid in it?

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