cochin has poop stuck on butt feathers

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  1. elaineinspain

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    My 8 month old cochin pullet has globs of poo stuck on her butt feathers. I'm going to try to catch her and wash it off this afternoon when I've got someone here to help me. Is this normal for the poop to get stuck on fluffy chickens butts? My Orpingtons of the same age have a little, but the Cochin is really gross...
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    It's normal - my dual purpose breeds seem particularly partial to such things. Clipping feathers in the offending area works well.
  3. elaineinspain

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    Thank you.
    I washed her, and got it all off. took about 5 mins with hubby's help to hold her. Checked her vent - everything clean and good, no mites. Checked the caked on poop for worms too - nothing. If it happens again I'll certainly trim her feathers down there...
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    Jun 14, 2017
    My Rhode Island Red (Henrietta) has a big ball of poop stuck to her fluffy feathers. I'm going to try soaking her too... Did you use epsom salt? I'm afraid to clip the feathers because I don't want to hurt her and I can't really tell what is going on down there... Thanks for the info!

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