Cochin hatched with bad leg.

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    This was an egg my cochin laid and my little cousin dropped it and it was cracked. i wrapped it in mascing tape not thinking it would hatch. well it did. It only uses one leg. its a week old now and the legs not getting any better. Anything i can do to help it? Will it hurt to leave it like this? it gets along fine and eats and drinks and is healthy. It just cant move or put down this leg thats up in the pic.

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    I had a chicken hatch then have a little seizure....paralized it's right foot. She got around fine, layed eggs and was a great surrogate momma to any chicks I added to pen. Be careful around aggressive chickens though...they bully anything they think is "weak". She might need a bit more TLC for awhile, but if she is not in pain and gets around....she will just be "special/"
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    i call it my special chick! lol it gets along great. i have it separated from the others. Its a standard Cochin...soo I'm worried about its weight becoming an issue

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