Cochin injured


6 Years
Jul 18, 2015
hi came home and instantly new something was wrong with my hen. She wasn’t moving very good and was making a help kind of noise . I picked her up and felt a bunch of dried feathers under her chest. She was very weak. I couldn’t find anything so I took her in the house and bathed her. Washing the sticky parts from her. That’s when I found the huge hole in her about the size of a quarter . And the smell was bad. I have no idea what caused this. But there were feathers all over the yard so I’m thinking something has attacked her. She has been injured before but mainly feathers pulled out. Nothing like this. There’s no blood but she smells bad. I don’t want to prolong the end but couldn’t just leave her. I called a vet who was nice enough to see her. It’s the smell that worried me. He took a look at her. I thought he would tell me the worst but he told me to keep it clean and gave me antibiotic . She eats and drinks but still smells terrible. I don’t have the spray. Will this cause more pain? Am I just prolonging her pain? Can a deep injury heal?
Very possible the injury is a few days old hence the smell from an infection. The antibiotic's to fight the infection, keeping it clean will allow drainage & healing. I would also give her some vitamins & electrolytes for a boost, maybe Nutri Drench. If she's eating/drinking, make sure she's pooping too, she's a fighter. Keep her inside in a clean set up, instead of shavings maybe doggie potty pad, easier to keep the wound clean.

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