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In advance this thread is sort of random. If your are a cochin lover post pics and talk about your cochins as much as you want on this thread!!!!!!!
Ill start (I will post pics later). Im a cochin lover and I have around 10 purebred cochin bantams, both chicks and adults, and around 25 of my designer cochin banty crosses. My favorite is my black roo Bertrum. He is SO sweet and he will fall asleep in my arms right side up or upside down
. I also will be hopefully buying some banties from my local feed store this Wednesday and next Wednesday some standards. Then a few diiferent colors that im too lazy to list coming in the 26th from Ideal.
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I ended up with 3 partridge cochin pullets this spring and cant believe how big they are!!

I have loved cochins since I saw a NICE black cochin trio at a farm auction (which my mom wouldnt let me get!
I have 4 grown up Cochin bantams; two buff's (roo and hen), one red hen and one white hen. I also have 6 chicks, out of the combination red x buff (5) and white x buff (1). I'm very proud of those because they look stunning if you ask me!

do wish I had some more colours; partridge, mottled, blue, mille fleur, ... Oh what the heck, I wish I had all colours, just love them!

When do we get to see your pictures??
I have some lemon blue cochins. They are about 2 mths old. I cant wait to see them when they molt out! They are in the akward teenager stage right now. But, I still love them and think they are cute! They are all taking a dust bath in the same hole at the same time.
The birds in those photos are 4.5 weeks old.Out of the three last ones the middle one is the female and the first and last one are male. (I am not 100%, but I am pretty positive.)
All right, thanks, so I'll know in a week...
They do develop very differently. I already have one of which I'm sure it's a rooster, 2 who are beginning to show some "redness" as well and one with a little yellow comb. Right now I'm thinking 2 roosters and 2 hens. I'll be happy if I at least have one hen...

Edit: what about the neck feathers, I believe roo's have darker neck feathers?
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