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Hi everybody!

My newest obsession is Columbian Cochins. They are the most beautiful birds I've seen in a long time. Unfortunately, I can't find much information on them. What colors do they come in? Where can I get some of them? None of the main hatcheries seem to have them.

Also, I am quite new to Cochins in general. If anybody has any info or links they wouldn't mind sharing with me, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!
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I'd be wary of that website. The picture of the pullet is not theirs - that's from Tom Roebuck's (cochinman2005 here on BYC) website, and was taken back in 2006.

If you'd like to get some great quality Columbians, go through Tom Roebuck (at the link I already listed) or Jamie Matts:

a waiting list, and shipping birds to you will cost a pretty penny though!

If you want to see some pretty pictures, do a Google search for "Columbian Pekin" - Bantam Cochins are called Pekins over in the UK.

To answer a few of your other questions - "Columbian Cochin" is a color, not a, that's what color they come in....You're not going to find them at a hatchery (and hatchery Cochins aren't nice, fluffy Cochins anyways), you need to find them through a private breeder....

I have some Columbian Cochins that I bought as hatching eggs from a private breeder and hatched out myself, but they aren't the greatest quality (they are very pretty though, I love them to death!) - so buying adult birds that you've seen or seen pictures of is the way to go.

...And, for general Cochin information, see the Cochin Thread (there are actually two right now):

I have some pictures of mine on that first thread.
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We use the Columbian Cochins to work on our Mille Fleur project. I have several beautiful pullets and roos in buff Columbian. They help me get my type back into the project and they are nice to look at, to boot!

I agree with Annarie, those breeders are really good or you could check with some people from the thread with Mille Fleur Cochins. I think some people have the white Columbians as well as the buff for or from their project.

This is one of my girls from the F1 cross of MF/buff Columbian.


And here is one of the boys....


But if you are wanting to breed for pure Columbian these would not give you that. Though really pretty, they are just ones that keep the Columbian gene and did not give me Mille Fleur.


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Apr 25, 2010
I just want to say that I understand your obsession. I just got my first Cochin last week and she is so pretty and such a funny little girl. I'm glad you brought the topic up because I'm getting links to save to my favorites. Someday I'll have another coop and the ability to "specialize". For now I have to content myself with the one Cochin in my very diverse and very small flock.

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