Cochin Rooster attacked by hunting dog 5 days ago. Still alive....Have I put the heat lamp on him t

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    My 1 yr 3mo old frizzle bantam cochin rooster was attached by a hunting dog Monday, 1/23/17. He is still alive. Immediately following the attack, I picked him up covered him with a towel brought him inside my laundry room and put him in a cage with water with electrolytes and have been keeping him under a heat lamp. He's been doing amazingly well....until yesterday I noticed he was laying down quite a bit......He lost almost of all his just hit me after picking him up to look at him....that he felt almost crispy....Please I know that sounds horrible...........that's why Im asking what to do. I turned the heat lamp off. He's good. But have I given him too much heat. He was shivering so much I thought that's what he needed. Its been 5 days since the attack. He has many wounds that have now dried up. I haven't picked at them. I have a few times taken a warm wash cloth to clean him very gently. My question have I heated him too much? How do I keep him warm? What do I do now? He's made it this far....I don't want to lose him. He's so precious to me.
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    Is he drinking well?

    Making sure that he was warm after the attack is o.k. First thing you want to make sure of is that he is staying hydrated. Sick/injured chickens can do down hill fairly quickly if they aren't drinking.

    Taking the heat lamp away was a good idea. Offer some vitamins in his water and give him wet feed with some extra protein like egg or tuna.

    Check the wounds to make sure they aren't infected. If they are oozing, have an odor or pus, then you may need to re-clean them or seek vet care.

    Let us know how he is doing. Photos are always helpful.

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