Cochin & silkie bantam breeders in MI

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    Nov 28, 2012
    Lapeer Michigan
    Hi there, I am looking to expand my flock and looking for breeders here in MI that sells hatching eggs/birds here in Michigan. I only focus on cochins and silkies and looking to add more to my coop. Im only looking for high quality and healthy birds. Will be interested in the spring BUT looking now. Im also available to trade as I have hatching eggs/chicks available in spring. BUT looking for a few new colors to add to my flock.

    Hens/pullets of course... if adult birds :)

    cochins: barred, partridge, lavander, chocolate, chocolate splash/mottled, splash, lemon blue, blue mottled, millie (red or blue)
    silkies: porcline, splash, paint, barred, lavander

    contact me by email if ya are interesed in selling/trade.

    [email protected]

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