Cochin SLW and sexlink crosses

ND Sue

10 Years
Sep 20, 2009
I have a cochin rooster and 3 SLW hens and 3 Black sex link hens. I only have one cochin hen.
Anyway, I wanted to hatch out a few chicks this spring to get a few more and because you guys make it sound so fun! I was hoping to do it by broody hen incubation. I have chickens for pets and egg laying for us and a few friends.

My question is, would the offspring of this cross maybe have the fluffiness and friendliness of a cochin and the inherit the egg laying capabilities from the wyandottes and sexlilnks? That would be perfect if that's the case!

Does anyone have crosses of this type? If you do, would you post a pic of what they look like and tell me how they do in the egg laying dept?
What percentage will inherit the feather legs? What colors will be possible? I'd appreciate any feedback!

My rooster

slw hen


a couple of the black sex links

Nice flock
I love your roo.
I did a few cochin crosses- and they were slightly feather-legged. More like "booted". Unfortunately- mine were broody raised- so not very friendly. The girls were great layers though.
Thanks for your reply! And thanks for the compliment on the chickens. I guess this isn't a very popular cross!
But it really helps to know how well a cochin cross in general will lay eggs and how feathery they'll be.

Maybe next I need to do a search on hen raised vs incubator raised. I don't think I'm far along enough to be messing with an incubator though! I was hoping if I handled them enough while they were with the mama, they'd be somewhat friendly...
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I had a broody hen, so I bought 12 chicks from Ideal Poultry and put them under her and she has done a fabulous job raising them all. The chicks are very friendly, they are SLW and black Sex-links. I can pick them up and sometimes the SLW will fly up and sit on my arm.

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