Cochin, vulture hocks and yadda genetics, GENETIC EXPERTETS PLEASE COME!

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  1. So i have 5 cochins who i love, but of course they are hatchery quality. So all of them have vulture hocks, but one of the hens has a really pretty color (no idea, ill post her later) that I want to keep in the bloodline, and I'm going to get some show quality cochins and mix them into the blood, so I have a few questions.

    If i mix a vulture hocked cochin with a not vulture hocked cochin would i get a mixture of vulture hocks and not vulture hocks or only vulture hocks

    would th vulture hocks be more dominant if a mix a female with vulture hocks with a male without vulture hocks or the other way around (female without vulture hocks and male with )

    Should I get show quality chickens of the same colors of the ones I want to breed? (i know its a dumb question but i feel the need to ask it )

    i have more questions but this is good for now LOL

    thanks for your time if you answer!
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    I can't claim to be a genetics expert, but according to the chicken calculator, if one parent has vulture hocks and the other doesn't, the chicks will not appear to have vulture hocks. A bird without vulture hocks is V/V and with is v/v, so chicks of the two would be V/v, which would mean that they do not visibly have vulture hocks but when crossed with another V/v bird the chicks will have vulture hocks. It is not a good idea to use a hatchery chicken to make show-quality chicks, anyway, because although the color may be good, the type may be off and you never know what kind of recessive things it carries, and you don't want vulture hocks popping up after a few generations.
  3. thanks, I know I shouldnt use hatchery quality birds but I really dont want to start a whole new flock [​IMG]

    NEW PLAN- get a couple show quality birds, then breed them, and keep the hatchery quality ones as pets (makes more sense LOL)

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