Cochine can't walk or lift her head

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    I have a cochine, who can't walk nor can she lift her head, we are on day 2 with this problem, I have tried to call the chicken doctor for advice several times but having no luck. I don't know what to do for her, I have Tylan 50 that I was thinking of giving to her but I don't want to make matters worst. I have given her ivermatic just in case it was a case of parasites or what not but nothing has help. She want's to eat really bad and I have been softening her food she puts her beak in it and moves her beak up and down but I'm not really sure she's getting anything. She smells something awful...not by the face, the other end. Just a week ago I had lost a silkie to Marek's we believe, but this chicken has different symptoms. Any advice would be great. the silkie would lift her head and eat like a pig but not gain a pound, the cochine is not able to eat...
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    I'm honestly not sure. But I thought I would post this in hopes of getting you to the top so someone who may recognize it will chime in. Is she just weak, or is her neck twisted in anyway? I would definitely separate her. Make her a very wet mash from her pellets- wet enough to feed her through a syringe. You could also give yogurt and smashed egg in a syringe. I would also put her in the tub and give her a bath. Maybe (if she's laying) she had an egg break inside her, hence the icky smell. Or perhaps she could have vent gleet. Wash her bum very well and check for anything out of the ordinary (cuts, lesions, puss). I don't know that I'd give the Tylan just yet, I'm just not into to medicating my chickies unless I know what I'm treating them for. Good luck- I hope your birdie feels better soon!
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    Nope neck is not twisted, I tried touching it to see if I could feel any lumps, because I thought perhaps food got stuck, or swelling, I feel nothing, she shakes her head though when I did this. It seems like from the back of her head to her beak things are fine but from the back of her head down to the crop there's no muscle movement, it feels loose and totally weak. She can't stand up I'm wondering if that is because she is soo weak from not eating she doesn't have the man ("chicken") power... She is separated, in the house in a box by herself, I have soften her food but like I said, she puts her beak in it and moves her beak up and down like she's drinking/eating but I'm not sure if she is really getting anything in her. I'm going to try the syringe feeding tonight. Man on Man, she smells something awful.. I cut most of her feathers last night down there because she had poop stuck to it and I'm wondering if that had a lot to do with the smell..
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    I had a pullet the had vent gleet, it is like a yeast infection and they can die of it if not treated. My pullet got so bad that she could not stand either and the smell from the vent is bad. Look up vent gleet on BYC and see if that is what you think she has. Our poor little girl died because we could never get hers to go away, it was very sad because she got where she could not stand or walk and she started convulsions.
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    Marek's has a whole bag of symptoms, from absolutely classic, to no symptoms at all. Depends on what nerves the virus is affecting. You Cochin most likely has it, and you may lose more. I think one of the symptoms I hated the worst is when they try to eat and they can't aim or pick up the food. I think I would euthanize her. Because of you losing one already to Marek's, chances are this is what it is. The symptoms do vary bird to bird .

    This summer I went thru hell, 2 hens and 10 -eight week old chicks started dying one by one. The symptoms ranged from paralysis, blind in one eye, wasting away, can't actually control their neck, a slow gasp, or any combination of the above. It's most common in young birds, like 8-25 weeks, but it will show up in other ages . I've had most under a year, and 2 around 2 years old.

    I'm very sorry.
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