Cochins laying eggs too early?


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Aug 26, 2019
I have 6 cochin hens and they are going to be 5 months old Sept 5th. I have been told many times that they (cochins) wont lay eggs until they are 9 months of age. To my surprise today I saw an egg in the yard. I know who it was from which was our silver laced cochin, she has more waddle and comb than the rest so she seems to have matured a little faster but I am confused as to how she can lay so early?
Is it normal to have a Cochin lay an egg at 4.7 months old?
Should I switch them over to laying feed? I dont want to over do the calcium for the other cochins who may not lay till the 8-9 month mark?

This is my first season with chickens.
The silver laced one is the culprit. When I pet her she squats to be mounted. These are my only chickens.

The egg she made is quite small. Smaller than a medium sized egg for sure.


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I forgot to mention, I would keep them on a non medicated starter grower or switch to an All Flock ration or grower with 18-20% protein. You can put out a separate bowl of oyster shells for the calcium needs. Hens will consume them as necessary. Cochins take a long time to mature, and often don't lay much, so a layer ration isn't always the best choice for them.
She laid another egg! She laid this one in the coop on the floor. I opened the nesting box this morning but she doesn't seem to know what that is. I bought some fake eggs to coax them into using the laying box but that doesn't arrive until thursday. The books i've read say to not leave nesting boxes open over night. Is that still valid for newly laying hens? I want them to know what it is. Not sure how to proceed.
Leave your boxes open once they lay.
They know about nests, it dosent seem like it but they do.:)
If they want to sleep in your boxes you may have to block them back at night but when they're just figuring out laying it is best to have them open.

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