Cochin's vs Bantam Cochin's


9 Years
Jul 19, 2010
SW Montana
I have decided my new favorite are the Cochin's. I just can't decide between the standard and bantam. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking the bantams at first because they are little and cute but then thought maybe the standards would be bigger and better and less likely to be scooped up by hawks and such. I am hoping to order some chicks soon and would appreciate the input. TIA!
I have one bantam Cochin and she is the cutesy thing! She's like a round ball of feathers with feet, you can't even see her legs! That said, I also have two standards coming April. I agree with silverphoenix, get some of each!
I haven't had standard cochins, but the bantam cochins I have/have had are very sweet and sociable. Our bantam cochin, Honey, is a very good layer.
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I love my bantam Cochins......just love them. I have a single red and then a flock of silver laced and a couple Mille Fleur trios - everyone is very, very friendly. (trip over friendly) Bantam eggs are so adorable..........fried or hard boiled, too cute devil'd eggs

I also have some hatchery standard size - they both are super sweet. In fact, Sylvia - my standard Silver Laced, came to live with me because she would not stop following me around at another BYC'ers home.
Everytime I moved, I would look down and she would be at my feet again looking up at me. I was there to p/u a rooster (and my red cochin bantam) and she had asked me if I wanted a standard hen or two............finally I pointed at her and said she really must wanna come home with me.

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