CochinX Chicks, Last -Free chicks in CT (PICS)


12 Years
Apr 8, 2007
Hi all.

I have two Cochins or CochinxSmooth Frizzles that I would like to placei n a home. I have a agricultural school who would like them, but I would prefer they be in backyard coops so thought I would give it one last go at "regular" homes.

I also have a NN frizzle chick also I could place. Came from same hatch/pen....
And a NN rooster.

Anyone interested? Oh, free.....

One of the cochins on the right. The Nn frizzle is also looking for a new home........

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I would like to have them.
I've been looking for cochin chicks, but you would have to ship it to me if you think its safe to do so, I'm in reno, nevada.
sorry I never shipped birds before, I only know how to ship dartfrogs. But I guess it can't be too complicated. I would image you would have to have 2 boxes, the second box being a little smaller with air holes (pencil size) all around it. Put the 2 chicks, lite bedding, and a small very moist food in the smaller one. And close the top and use crushed newspaper to surround the gap between the large and small box. I would think you would need 4 small vent holes on each side. And they should be set to go. But it needs to be done on the morning or afternoon you ship it out. It would have to be over night shipment depending on how far. Just a thought.
it usually gets there next day, so a 24 hour delivery. There good about that.
What would you do if they turn out to be roos? Also, as far as temp goes, I guess it woudl be better to wait a few weeks so they dont get cold.
Tiffany, for what it's worth, Fallenweeble sent my hatching eggs from California to Connecticut, in less than 24 hours. It wasn't cheap but they got here intact and 5 out of 8 developed and three hatched and are looking at me as I type. Now eggs aren't chicks so I don't know if this is useful info or not.
Good to know---may be a bit cold around here right now. Guess I should just drop them off at yoru house, huh??

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