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May 2, 2008
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At what age does the average roo start to crow?
I have some that are 4, almost 5 months old and they do not crow. A cuckoo marans and a NH Red.\\
Now I am not complaining since the longer they are quiet the longer I can keep them.
On the other hand I have a Porcelain D'uccle that is 10 weeks old and has been crowing for at a month.
I mean he is doing his full blown crow by now and he is the tiniest little thing.
I was actually very surprised that he crowed so early, but have never had experienece with this breed so maybe its the norm.


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May 4, 2008
It varies widely from bird to bird, with some testing out their vocal prowess when they're only days old and others waiting until they're much older, up to 6 months or so. Seldom do they wait longer than that unless there's an older, higher ranking roo around, in which case they may wisely choose to keep a low profile.

But, on average, it's fairly typical for most cockerels to crow by 16-20 weeks, and it's fairly typical for bantams to crow before larger breeds.
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Jul 11, 2008
ive also heard people say if there is another rooster around allready crowing the other ones might take longer to crow, Guess it has somthing to do with "head rooster" or who crowed first.... In my case I figured that was the issue I have a bunch of 4-8 month old roosters that dont crow b/c I have 2 older roosters that do !!!


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Natalie, Stumpy crowed for the first time (that I heard) on his 16 week birthday this past Wednesday. I just hope he continues to be fairly hard to hear, I think the insulation in the coop helps deaden the sound. The neighbors who would complain are at work by the time the sun rises, and I seriously can't hear him before that. Hopefully Stumpy will stay and not become Stew

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