Cockadoodledoo soon? -Silkie (mix?)


Jun 22, 2020
New York
So my friend’s silkie, not mine. I believe it’s from My pet chicken, 17 weeks old... I thought this one looked like a roo.

Pardon the lack of close ups, these are the most skittish chickens I’ve ever met, my friend said they were witnesses to a raccoon attack on their broodmates, and have been extremely skittish ever since :(
2E755B11-0118-4A29-85C2-5B79128D5E4F.jpeg 26B23AD0-CE81-4057-8604-A2F4728E3332.jpeg EE574235-2547-4D7C-94E8-DAAEFC4C5364.jpeg

This is another one I managed to catch, and not the silkie in question.

It doesn’t seem to have pure black skin and lacks blue ears. One other one didn’t even have a crest... could they be mixed?

edit: and I just noticed... no leg feathers! 8BCDDC20-0F7E-4B18-9B3A-FC7F1FA8B5E6.jpeg
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