Cockatiel and chicken chicks


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Mar 27, 2018
Hello! I'll be getting some day-old chicks in a few days and I was wondering if I could keep them in the same room as my cockatiel for a week or two? I've been googling this and all that's coming up is cockatiels and adult chickens not being able to be in the same enclosure due to size difference and transmittable diseases. I know that chickens are much more hardy than tiels and are able to have a higher worm count and things like that, but with the chicks being so young, small, and fragile what is even going to be there to transmit to my cockatiel? TIA
I have a silkie bantam and 7 parakeets in the same room, not the same cage, they seem to both be alright and I have had them in the same room for the past 6 or so months. I'm sure they could pass diseases and maybe mites or other parasites between each other. I also had 8 chicks brooding in my room last spring, the same room with the 7 parakeets. And I have 17 chick eggs set to hatch on easter along with 2 duck eggs, they will brood in my room for the first week or two. Just because this worked for me does not mean it will work for you though. My keets are in a cage mounted onto the wall, they never come in contact with the chickens, I use different feed and equipment for them so any disease would have to be airborne.

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