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  1. serama hen

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    Sep 9, 2012
    Nothern New Jersey
    my freind has a white faced cockatiel male and i have a pearl female if they were to mate what would be the results cockatiels are so cute WOULD THE MIDDLE ONE BE THE RESULT MINE IS THE LEFT HIS IS THE WHITE

  2. ladybirdb12

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    Oct 7, 2012
    Have you ever breed teils before? Its a wonderfully hobbies, but it can be heart breaking too.
    I breed for hobby, everyone of my birds are my love, they own me lol.
    I believe you have two females, they are very heavy in pearls the male will lose his heavy pearls at his first molt.but if I am wrong,If they had babys together you will get any kind of colors, it depends on the bloodlines of the parents.but the babys will be called fancy's.
    What is so amazing about teils they are like humans, they have to bond. First its friendship then its love, sometimes they only want to be friends and they will not mate.
    if you put them together remenber they bond for life, they take care of their young together. Even after the babys are gone they still love each other, but they can still be a great pet to you, just don't seperate them after you get babys, it will crush them.
    raising the babys, is whole new world with breeding.
  3. Poultrybonkers

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    Mar 22, 2011
    Breeding like mutations will make weaker babies and bald heads. both those tiels are females as males lose there pearls.

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