Cockatiel owners, talk to me!UPDATE! We got him!

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  1. taraann81

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    Apr 9, 2009
    I had a few questions.

    I've always wanted a personable pet bird that enjoyed being handled.

    Today at a pet store I saw some lutino cockatiels. They were born June 28th. They were hand fed but the pet store staff said they have not handled them much since they have been at the pet store(weaning age is when they got there, so how long have they been their anyways?)

    This is a great pet store, the birds are kept in clean spacious cages in enclosed rooms with windows so they have left chances of picking things up from visitors.

    I stayed and observed for awhile, the staff cleaned their cage. They were by know means terrified, following the hand around and seemed interested in what was happening. She made a movement towards them and they got out of the way though.

    Would it be difficult to gain a bird like this trust and have it make a nice pet?

    What would be the best way of going about it?

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  2. LarryPQ

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    Jul 17, 2009
    Cockatiels are very friendly birds. They only need a little love to make snuggly birdy/people babies.

    I had one that was in love with the minidauchshounds and the mice that would come into his cage to steal food.

    He would sit while they ate and catcall at them. He LOOOOVED being cuddled.

    As with any animal, it just took patience, slow movements, and repeated offers of treats to establish initial trust. Then, once you got him to sind on your hand, scratch the back of their neck until their eyes roll into the back of their head and they pass out from pleasure.
  3. Buff Hooligans

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    Jun 11, 2007
    Quote:I agree with Laree. Be slow and patient. Cockatiels really want to like people but turn bad if mishandled.

    Once you befriend them, they'll be your constant friend for many years. Lutinos are really pretty too.
  4. KDbeads

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    Aug 20, 2009
    East Central VA
    On 'Damaged' or mistreated birds, they will usually only bond to one person if at all, read below for my Sam's story, but for the most part pet shop tiels are very friendly, just take it slow. Tiels are long term commitments if treated properly, keep that in mind.
    Mom brought home a cockatiel when I was 5 or 6, it had been terribly treated and had all the toes on both feet broken. The previous owners had tossed it into a hamster cage, toes taped to Popsicle sticks and was going to put it down. Mom thought she was bringing home a bird that would die in a week, I think I proved her wrong. [​IMG]
    We nursed her back to health, found a parakeet cage, you know the ones where the bars are horizontal instead of vertical, and she proceeded to figure out a way to climb the bars and roost up on her perch. She hated everyone but me. With my very first pay check I bought her a new cage and 2 of those wide perches for arthritic feet. Her toes were straight out in front and back with no movement possible except in 1 toe. Her toe nails straight grew up too.
    When I left home she came with me and as always loved me only, I could barely handle her but she never bit me, she let me give her showers, clean her face when she got sick....

    But the year I turned 30 I had to put her down due to a respiratory infection that just wouldn't clear up. Hubby keeps telling me we can get another one but I'm saving that spot for a tiel that needs rescue. I had that bird most of my life, I didn't know what it was like NOT to have a bird in the house, and the first few days without her band clicking on the perch were terrible.
  5. bawkbawkbawk

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    I have a lutino cockatiel. Have had him since he was 3 months old, bought him in a pet shop. He's now 11 or 12 years old - can't even remember he's been with us so long! He was hand fed, which I think makes a huge difference.

    He's extremely social - loves everyone. I spent a great deal of time with him when he was a baby, took him everywhere with me, so he's very well socialized. Gets along with all our other animals - well, he's afraid of the chickens, but is fine with the dogs and cats.

    PM me if you want any additional information.
  6. SunAngel

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    May 20, 2008
    Chambersburg, Pa.
    I currently have my moms lutino in with my two cockatiels and 2 parakeets. They have a big flight cage and all get along well. My mom got the lutino when I was 15, which was 24 yrs ago. Duffy is still going strong, looks healthier than my two 8 & 9 yr old ones. He still talks up a storm also...Duffy pretty bird, gimme a kiss, kissing sounds, Pretty girl, wolf whistles and just recently started asking me What ya doing? everytime I pass by the cage. I guess he picked it up from me always walking in that room and asking my son what he was doing lol.

    The only thing I have really found out about cockatiels through having them so long...they are friendlier when they are the only bird. I used to be able to kiss and snuggle my gray boy, but since getting him a mate and adding all the birds together, he has an attitude. He doesn't like to be held anymore [​IMG]
  7. LarryPQ

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    Jul 17, 2009
    Gina--my male cockatiel is now 15 yrs old. He's been through a number of mates, but always comes back to mommy. [​IMG]

    EDIT-- I lied--- if I got Gina when I was 10, then he is HOLY COW 19 YEARS OLD.
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  8. taraann81

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    Apr 9, 2009
    This hasn't been a rash decision at all. We have been discussing this for a couple of years now because we know they are a LONG term commitment. I just was leaning more towards the sun conures.

    But today, even thought I've seen cockatiels a hundred times in pet stores they caught my eye and I actually observed them for a bit. The one I want(pet store said it was a boy, can you tell with latinos without DNA testing?) would climb the bars to be up near my face where ever I moved it(I was talking to him, not sure he could hear me through the glass though).

    Anyways I have been doing reading on line today and appreciate everybodies input on here...keep it coming the more I learn the better.

    I think we may go get him?? tomorrow since I have the week off.
  9. jojo@rolling acres farm

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    May 15, 2009
    It sounds like your Lutino is a male. They make wonderful pets. I've have many birds over the last 30+ years...I can hardly believe its been that long - but it has! Cockatiels are wonderful little birds and I do believe you've already established a connection with the little bird in the pet shop. I guess my vote would be to "go for it" enjoy your week off!

    Let us know what you decide. BTW - males can make pretty good little talkers - and they can learn fast - esp. if they like the person training them to talk!
  10. lurky

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    Jun 4, 2007
    Western MA
    We got Huffy, our cockatiel as a 1yr old and he was not friendly at all. He improved alot with attention. He learned a bunch of words, and some songs. The more time you invest, the better they will get.
    He is now almost 19 and i often wonder how much longer do these birds live?? He began to look senior-like [​IMG] 2 yrs ago. So this thread is very interesting to see others old timers ages.

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