Cockatiels and Ducklings?

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  1. JJpuck

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    Jan 26, 2014
    I have my cockatiel, JJ (hence my username [​IMG]) and I am thinking about getting ducklings this summer. For the first month or so of their life they will have to live inside (most likely in my room, which is also my bird's room). Will my bird react negatively? Is there a way I can prevent some bad responses?
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    Ducklings just can't live inside for a full month, unless you have them in duck diapers. (Never tried them, just heard about them)

    Ducklings grow like there is no tomorrow. In one month they will already be mostly adult sized.

    Also, they are super frighteningly messy.

    Two weeks in the house is doable, in a bathtub or giant rubbermaid tote.

    As to the cockatiel, they will have to be kept completely separate. Cockatiels are pretty delicate compared to ducklings. After the third day of life a duckling could probably take out a cockatiel.

    I have a cockatiel too, and I wouldn't risk it.
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  3. cocobeware

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    Feb 1, 2014
    My biggest fear would be the transmission of disease, mites and other parasites. When introducing any animal into a new environment quarantine is important to keep all parties safe. Even when I purchase a new Koi for my pond, I will keep it separate and monitor it for period to assure it will not introduce a disease that will maim or injure my existing fish.

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