Cockatiel's have gone broody?!

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    We inherited two cockatiel's about 8 months ago that are somewhat cantankerous from being left alone in a room with only people coming in to feed them every other day or so. They have now decided to hatch out four eggs. I am using 'they' because I am assuming it is normal for the male to sit on the eggs also because if she is not sitting he is there.

    Well the previous own said they did hatch eggs once before but the male killed the hatchlings. How do I avoid this, when should I remove him from the nest, or could there have been other factors and that was abnormal behavior?

    My step daughter has "checked" and decided that they should hatch between July 22-July 28th. That long of hatching time sounds weird to me. Well comparatively to chickens. She did not start sitting until July fourth after she laid the third egg on July 3rd. What would you guess the hatching time to be?

    I also do not want these babies to learn the bad habits of their parents. You know biting, flying in your eyes, screaming at humans and just generally act wild and hate people. They would be perfectly happy to rip your eyes out. When should I remove these babes to be hand reared so they will be friendly to people?

    I have hand reared a pigeon before when the we lived in Hawaii. I found it before it had feathers, and the momma just kept kicking it out of the nest. I raised it with baby bird formula feeding it every 2 hours from dusk to dawn. Eggbert lived to maturity and finally flew away to join a flock when he was 4 months old. So I know a little bit about raising a bird. Just never a parrot and never intentionally.

    Thanks a lot

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    I'm not an expert by any means but since no one has posted I'll put in my 2 cents worth. Cockatiels incubate eggs for 19 to 21 days. The female lays every 48 hrs so the last egg may hatch a dayor two later than the rest. I would let the parents take care of the babies for the 1st 2 weeks and then start to hand feed. Keep an eye on that male though. You dont really know why he killed the last clutch. He may have felt that the babies were threatened or maybe it was to late or to early in the season. God luck with your tiels.

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