Cockeral, buff Orpington, watery white frothy poo, pale comb and wattles

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  1. Hoorayaly

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    Mar 15, 2012
    Boris is around 3 I was given him last year. He is a pure breed buff Orpington he has had a pale comb and wattles for 4 days and looks depressed. Today saw white frothy poo that disappears once passed. I am okay handling him so picked him up and checked him completely but found nothing. He keeps sitting down. This evening he has pecked corn from the ground but refused the yogurt.I suspect kidney disease but cannot find any information on the type of poo he is passing. I do not expect him to survive as I cannot actually find anything wrong. All my chickens and ducks are free range and eat the same things, no one else is unwell. He lives in a commercial wooden chicken house at night that is cleaned out every day. The bedding is wood shavings with straw in the nest boxes. I feed a commercial layers pellet with treats of al dente macaroni, sweet corn and bread that has been soaked in water . They have access to grass daily.

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