Cockeral bullied by hen-any ideas?

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6 Years
Sep 22, 2013
Banffshire, Scotland
I have twelve hens and four ducks and have recently brought up three chicks (one cockerel and two hens). They were all brought up the same age. They all got on great until 'Lochy' the little red hampshire bantam cockerel has started with his new found voice and has gone red. Molly (who started laying one month ago) who is about a month older than Lochy has become the matriarch has started pecking his neck. I have witnessed this, he runs off but his neck is getting quite bare of his new feathers. He's such a young gent he won't fight back. It is obviously hurting him as he has stopped pecking off the ground and only feeds from the feeder so he doesn't have to bend down. Will he eventually fight back or does Molly have to be removed? the other little girl, who hasn't started laying yet seems fine and I've not spotted her peck him, which doesn't she isn't doing! we've tried putting stuff on his neck to stop the pecking but it doesn't seem to have worked-has anyone got any ideas as they all got on and we are lucky to have such a lovely cockerel.
When you've got a bully, it doesn't hurt to remove them from the flock for a day or two, usually in another pen or a kennel. It'll knock them down the pecking order and they'll be more submissive when they get added back in- for a little while, at least.

If he's just getting bare though and not bleeding, I'd say it's just dominance behavior, though whether she gets over it is another matter. Does she pick on any of the other hens, or just him?
Molly is fine with her sister and defends her if Lochy is getting 'over amorous' - its definitely just Lochy she is picking on - I am also thinking she may be pecking him inside at night.

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