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    Apr 14, 2009
    Ive hatched out a white orpington, hes about 8 weeks old. Unfortunately we live on an estate so if he crows he goes. At what age should he start to crow?

    Ive got 3 hybrids, they hate the poor little fellow. Ive had him roaming around put him in with them at night and let them all out together in the morning but they just keep pulling out his feathers.
    Thankfully our greiveing dog Mary has taken pity on him so she protects Steve (cockeral) while they roam.
    Anything that I can do to make a more harmonious flock?
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    Nov 5, 2008
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    Crowing age varies, mine started to crow at 12 weeks.
    They should be able to work out their pecking order amongst themselves. Sometimes it looks more serious than it is, they will peck at the back of each others necks and sometimes pull out neck feathers, its them establishing who is on top.
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    I have a chick that's been crowing since he was 4 days old.[​IMG] No joke.

    ETA: of course it doesn't sound like a crow. It sounds like a little chick squeak.
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    As for crowing, they vary. I have a GLW that didn't crow until 24 weeks and a BR that started about 9 weeks, they both started mating at the same time they started crowing too.

    As for a more harmonious flock. Have you tried removing the most aggressive of the three who are picking on him? Maybe if you separate one or two of the others rather than separating him, the remaining birds will leave him alone. Then again, if you know for certain you won't be keeping him, try rehoming him now and don't bother trying to integrate him into a flock in which he won't be staying.

    Try posting a picture in the breed, gender forum to see if anyone can determine whether Steve really is a boy.

    Good luck. [​IMG]

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