Cockerals - Chantecler & Blue Andalusian Roosters

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    5 - 8 week old Cockerals (Hatched 1st week of July) - from a Blue Andalusian rooster x Red Star, Black Star, Wyandotte & Easter Egger hens

    2 - 6 month old Cockerals (Hatched April 18, 2012) - from a Blue Andalusian rooster x Red Star & Easter Egger hen - "Caleb" & "Michael Jessie"

    1 - 6 month old Pure-Bred Ideal Hatchery (April 5, 2012) Buff Chantecler Cockeral - "Levi"
    1 - 6 month old Pure-Bred Ideal Hatchery (April 5, 2012) Partridge Chantecler Cockeral - "Obed"

    All cockerals are friendly and gentle - I just have too many roosters to keep them all.
    The Chantecler cockerals would be excellent cold-hardy roosters to add to your flock, as they both have hardly any comb or wattles at 6 months old. They'd be great to use for breeding, pure-pred or mixed.

    The Blue Andalusian mixes were hatched and raised by a broody hen, so they are excellent at foraging and finding their own food. Their "father" was very tall and skinny, and and excellent breeder.
    The 8 week olds haven't started to crow yet, but their combs are red enough to indicate that they are cockerals.

    The 6 month old Blue Andalsian mixes have spent the past few months free-ranging in a friend's yard, but they won't be able to keep them during the winter months due to inadequate housing.
    They are both gorgeous roosters, and I'd love to find a home for them as well. These two "brothers" get along fine together, and the red & white one crows every morning.

    Willing to barter, trade or best offer. (Such as, but not limited to: hay, leaves, grass clippings, animal manures, wood mulch, tree branches/wood 4 chipping, chicken feed, fencing, duck(s), rabbit cages or supplies, building materials, eggs, vegetables, fruit, etc)


    E-mail , PM or call me if interested at six zero seven four three seven nine nine zero two.

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