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    I originally posted this on the Heritage LF thread:

    Ok, so I'm in a slight panic mode. My one boy has been acting 'off' today and yesterday. I'm hoping it's just the cold but the other two aren't acting like this. First let me say what's going well with him:
    •Good red face
    •He's got good weight it's been going up since the mites
    •Eating and drinking
    •His eyes are clear, doesn't have a runny nose, and doesn't sound 'gurgly'
    •Feathers also have nice sheen and seem well kept
    •His balance is fine when he is walking around. I like to gently push/shove my birds when they look sick. If they fall over and act pathetic I know they will die soon.

    Here's what concerns me:
    • I noticed today and yesterday he likes to sit down; he just sits there and picks through the shavings or whatnot. Maybe he's just trying to keep warm?
    • Since he's sitting down more he's not being as talkative with me. I mean when I picked up to check his color and stuff he was talking to me?
    • Also his tail is slightly down. Not like I'm going to die down but a little bit.

    Should I be concerned? I would rather it if he was going to 'kick the can' that I had at least a few nice birds from him first.
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    Check his legs, make sure he hasn't injured them somehow. Is there anything he could have got his leg stick in and hurt/broke his leg, foot, or toe. He may be in distress over that. Or he could be cold, I had a rooster in the nesting box today,not even getting up to eat, trying to stay war, because our heat lamp went out over night. Do you heat your coop? If not I would bring him somewhere warm if at all possible. Also give him electrolytes. And if he hasn't been eating lately maybe a little drench.
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    Feb 22, 2012
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    He gets a vitamin electrolyte supplement every other day and a breeder solution on the days he's not getting vitamins. I think I'll bring him in and let him warm up and watch for improvement. The coop is not heated. Legs should be fine as there is nothing to break a leg on. He did have a severe mite infestation a month ago and a week ago I changed his feed.
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