Cockerel attacked two weeks ago, recovered and died today


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Sep 28, 2009
I have (had!) a lovely blue leghorn, only young - about 8 months old. Two weeks ago he got out of the run and two of our dogs attacked him. I thought he was dead, but turned out he was fine - apart from a few puncture wounds on him. He recovered well, started crowing again after a few days, but not as much as before. Eating and drinking fine. Then this morning, he walked out of the hen house making a very strange noise, not unlike a hen. His wattle and comb had lost their colour. He let me touch him, which was unusual as he would usually run off, but he didn't like it. 15 minutes later I found him dead. Is this a result of the attack two weeks ago or has he caught something else? I'm concerned for the rest of the hens?
I would say maybe he died from an infection from the wounds.

This is my guess. which could take that long.
Maybe some of the other experts will know more than me.

Sorry for your loss. I too just lost a hen today.
I think that too, but it seemed so sudden - and no obvious wounds that could have got infected. I'd rather it was that though than something else which might affect the rest of the hens.
Sorry to hear you lost a hen today too - they become part of the family quite quickly don't they.
yes, they do...

Do you think that maybe he got cold and got sick.

I have had the same thing happen to my roo's before too.

I don't think you have to worry about your other flock. It never effected mine before. did another roo beat him up maybe.

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