Cockerel Cant stand?


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May 21, 2014
My nearly 7 month old cockerel has quite suddenly lost the ability to stand.

He is not lethargic, quite frisky and vocal actualy, but he is unable to stand. When we pick him up, his legs start to kick, franticly. He also kicks when we first set him down, untill his legs are stretched out beside him. He was fine and running around this time yesterday. His comb and waddles are bright, his eyes are responsive and not dull, but he is a little warmer then i am used to.

I have lost one cockerel to a broken wing, and currently treating one with a broken or dislocated hip. I know my current Rooster is very large (10 or so lbs) and can be rough. Could this be caused by him going after the coming-of-age males in my flock?

I have both ingured ones seperated out of the flock.

Added: He also has a cut on the top of his head, between his comb and his left eye.
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5 Years
Mar 30, 2014
Thurston County, WA
My cockerel (five months) is about 10 lbs. He hurt his leg fighting with our turkeys. He didn't actually make contact with the turkey but was jumping up at them, and got pretty high up off the ground. He didn't have any visible wounds, just a limp.

We crated him and limited his activity for a week. He still limps once in awhile but is much better now.
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