Cockerel not crowing yet....


7 Years
Apr 11, 2012
Hart County,Kentucky
I got a sex-link cockerel and he is about 16 weeks old and his comb and wattle are bright red and his comb is big and already kinda lay's to the side and we are out side and up very early and i have not once heard him crow or even a noise out of him ! will he soo or is there something wrong with him lol
Eventually he will, some take longer than others. I have had some of the same breed that would start many weeks apart. Some start as early as 8 weeks and some as late as 20. Depends on the individual.
I thought our roo's would NEVER crow and then I heard the most pathetic sound come out of one of them and I thought they were dieing or something...they were just warming up their crow! I think my roos were 4 months old before they crowed...then they didn't shut up!
lol then maybe i am pushing it

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