Cockerel or Pullet...BR or BSL


Apr 30, 2017
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I'm starting a new thread for this question since it evolved from another thread. See it here:

What was sold to us as a Barred Rock pullet, I've discovered, may possibly be a cockerel. As if that's not enough, it may also not even be a BR but a BSL?! (Also, see original thread if you want further details.) The husband and I were NOT wanting any Roosters so I don't know what will happen if she is indeed a he. :hit I'm attaching a TON of photos of her/him to see if I got enough angles and aspects to get a more definitive determination of what the sex is. Here goes! I welcome any and all suggestions...the more the better.

IMG_20170615_170835.jpg IMG_20170615_170837.jpg IMG_20170615_170949.jpg IMG_20170615_171350.jpg IMG_20170615_171356.jpg IMG_20170615_171400.jpg IMG_20170615_173855.jpg IMG_20170615_173859.jpg IMG_20170615_173909.jpg IMG_20170615_173913.jpg IMG_20170615_174126.jpg IMG_20170615_174231.jpg IMG_20170615_174234.jpg IMG_20170615_174240.jpg IMG_20170615_174338.jpg IMG_20170615_174236.jpg IMG_20170615_174411.jpg
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Double check the saddle area for thin, pointed feathers. On girls, they'll look like most other body feathers--rounded. They look like they might be coming in thin and pointy. Check your confirmed girls before you check this one. It might be the photos, but it does look like he might be getting a straw blonde hue to his saddle, shoulder and hackle feathers. Check the newest feathers only because his little kid feathers will still be rounded relative to his big boy feathers.
Not a barred rock, wrong color legs, slighter build, head/eyes not BR, in one photo looks like lower beak is longer than top one
Mixed breed cockerel. He's not necessarily a sexlink (that implies the hen was the barred parent and there's really no telling) but he does only have one barred parent. The white legs and build tell me he isn't a hatchery-produced sexlink.
I'm tired of trying to figure it out so I'm just calling it Noodles until it crows or lays an egg. Now instead of calling out "Hi, girls," when I go to the coop, I'll just call out, "Hey, chicken and Noodles!"

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