Cockerel w one /injured leg. Nerve damage? Sprain?

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    We have a 6 m/o Ameraucana cockerel whom we discovered limping on one leg four days ago. We immediately separated him from our other 4 pullets in case it was disease and to help immobilize him. His other "vitals" seem good: eats, poops pretty normally, crows, drinks, looks fine. After careful examination, we can't find anything physically wrong with the injured leg--no dislocation, no swelling, and the leg is warm (not hot) and has good color. At first, when we watched him, he would occasionally put his foot down with the claw turned under, almost like he'd had a nerve block and couldn't feel it, but then when he quit moving, he would always get his foot back under himself in the right position. And it's clear that this is just one leg, not both. We are on day 5 and he's still having great difficulty standing and moving. He uses his wing to help balance himself. Our hunch is that he was fighting with the alpha pullet and that maybe she pecked him hard enough on the head/neck to cause nerve damage. We've read and read and are almost certain it's not Marek's (he was vaccinated, but we know that's not a guarantee, but he doesn't exhibit any of the classic signs.) Anyone have any ideas or experience with a similar situation? We have only had our little flock since July--not even 5 full months--and we are trying so hard to do right by them. Thanks in advance for any help or ideas anyone can offer.

    Oh, and I should add that our birds don't like to roost very high--at most 18" off the ground, so we doubt that he hurt himself by jumping off anything. They are in an enclosed run that we carefully control and only free range when we are out there supervising. The injury happened during the day when we were at work.

    Thanks again.
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    Hi, I'm reposting to bump this in case someone can help.

    My roo is now mostly immobile. His left leg is too weak to support him and now I think the right one is just too tired, so he's not getting up. We built a sling and keep him in it as much as we can. He's tolerating all of this really well. He has a great appetite and we take him outside to let him graze on the grass/clover and he goes nuts eating it like a beast. All his other vitals are good--red comb, bright eyes. The leg is not paralyzed--he will move it in the sling and he can grasp with it.

    We have researched everything we can and think maybe nerve damage somehow or maybe a toxin--but it all started on just one side.

    We are feeding B12, poly vi sol, vit E in with his yogurt.

    Would appreciate any advice. As long as he is still eating normally, we feel like we should keep trying to help him.

    Thanks in advance. Pam

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