cockerel with drooping head and neck


7 Years
Nov 7, 2012
Hi All, new to site and it has been suggested i post this part of my intro. on this forum. Hope someone can help.

My Light Sussex cockerel Henry and the bantam cockerel Sparky who have been living in the same pen for over a year with no real problems have decided to fall out and appear to have had a huge fight in the coop. Although Sparky looks like he has come off worse, lots of blood on his head and a lot of feathers missing, he is alert, eating and drinking and acting like his normal self. Henry however, who I though would have won hands down is not so good. He can't seem to hold his head and neck up, and just stands in the pen with his head almost on the floor. He doesn't struggle when you pick him up (he doesn't normally like it) and didn't appear to be eating or drinking.

I've checked him over and I can't find any external injuries but have brought him into the house and kept him in a quite place. He has had something to eat and drink but it currently lying in his box, head and neck stretched out. He has lifted it up once or twice when i accidently startled him but otherwise not. I wondered if maybe he has hit the back of his neck and had hurt the muscles. Has anyone seen this before? Can anyone offer any suggestions. Needless to say they will be kept separate from now on, each with their own hens

Any help is really appreciated

Many thanks
touch the back of his neck and see if it hurts him.... give him some electrolites... also maybe he doesnt like being in the cage... bring him outside with some treats ( scraps, oats, corn etc, ) throw it around and see if he perks up a bit being outside.

Never give up hope

Hi thanks for reply. Have given him some fresh raspberries which he loves and he ate them immediately. It's 10pm here so will see how he is in the morning and will make a decision depending on weather.
This is why I never have two roosters in one coop as it can be risky. Things are fine until he one catches the other mating " his" girl or whatever. Hopefully it is muscular and his neck is not broken somewhere. I would keep him in the house or outside in a kennel with a heat lamp until he feels better.

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