Cockerel with foot issues

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  1. coffeemama

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    Mar 5, 2008
    I posted a while back about a pullet with walking/balance issues, and my 4 month old bantam cockerel also suddenly came down with issues of standing and walking. Now I think after a month+ of observation that they are not related.

    Here is what he does-keep in mind he was totally normal until a month ago. Put your hands out flat in front of you-done that? Ok, now push your palms down and flex fingers up-like bend them the opposite way at knuckles, kind of stretching. Don't force things here-just do it with your muscles. That's how he is walking. Like toes flexed out and not bending down to grasp things?

    Anyone ever have anything like this?
  2. sammi

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    Dec 21, 2007
    Southeast USA
    I'd try giving him Poly-vi-sol..could be a lack of riboflavin..(B vitamin)

    does his legs seem weak?
    does he sit down a lot?
    not rare for roos at this age to develop rickets due to growth spurt.

    if so, make him up this mixture:
    cooked egg yolk
    a little water cooked oatmeal
    plain yogurt
    make it puffy, not soupy..make about a 1/2-1 cup per day, give him 3 feedings per day along with regular feed and vitamins in water or the Poly-vi-sol until you can get poultry vitamins.

    what's the weather where you are?
    could he be getting a draft on his feet and legs?
    try some aspirin..1 (1mg) pill crushed into 1 quart of water..give for morning drinks..and again at roost time..
    keep warm and out of draft and wet.
  3. dlhunicorn

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Quote:Yes I have and it is deficiency related ... might be a couple of things.
    Get some AviaCharge 2000 ( this is a complete supplement also suitable for oganic can only purchase online from mcmurry or strombergs) and give Polyvisol Enfamil (three drops in beak once a day for a week then taper off).
    When you do both this should take care of the problem.

    Edited to add: In this winter weather, REMEMBER THE SALT ON THE STREETS!!! When you walk in this and then do not change those shoes when wlaking in areas your birds have access to then you are spreading the salt there and possibly exposing them to toxic salt levels which can cause organ injury and cause the neurological problems you reported.
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  4. Splash_Guard

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    Dec 3, 2008
    Ditto what dl said. The Avia Charge 2000 is a bit expensive, but worth the cost in my opinion. I've never had to use Polyvisol, so no idea about that.

    Thanks for the reminder about the salt, dl. We have no streets, but must salt areas on our porch and walkway and @ front of hen house door.

    Edited to say, "Hey, COFFEE!"
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  5. coffeemama

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    Mar 5, 2008
    Hey Mary LOL

    Ok-how long should I feed them (have a strange pullet too) the eggie mixture? I did it for 5 days and saw no results. I will buck up and get out there and do something consistent. I've been busy and the poor dears need to have a chance to recover!

    No salt, so not that-no drafts-he's actually in the brooder area with a heat lamp for a bit of warmth. Ventilation but not drafty.

    I have polyvisal and will begin them on it again and see what it does. Also going to switch back to grower if for no other reason than it's crumble instead of pellets.
  6. dlhunicorn

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    Jan 11, 2007
    If you do not see improvement with the polyvisol then I relaly urge you to get the aviacharge.
    Sometimes adding JUST enuf cooked (human) oatmeal to the feed to make it clump together will encourage them to eat more of it.

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