Cockerel with injured beak - what to do?


6 Years
Jul 25, 2013
Yesterday afternoon we noticed that our cockerel had a dropped a few drops of blood on his foot and a pullet from a beak injury. It was on his top beak at the tip. It was bleeding slightly and then stopped. It must have just happened as the blood was still fresh. He doesn't seem hugely bothered by it, but he is having trouble eating.

This afternoon I threw some soft/rotting strawberries over to him from our garden, and he would normally push away all the pullets to get his share. He tried pecking at them but was very ginger about it and didn't seem to get a bite of anything. He also tried rubbing his beak back and forth across the ground right after attempting to peck at the strawberry. I'm sure it is still tender since it just happened about 24 hours ago. He seems to be trying to eat/drink...just not sure how much if anything he is getting.

Is there anything I need to do about this? It was such a small portion of the top of his beak, I'm not sure we would have noticed if we weren't there right after it happened. Should I just keep an eye on him as it heals or do I need to attempt to catch him and put something on it? I'm sure it's tender, but wasn't sure if I should worry about his eating habits.
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Try giving him some softer, easier to eat food. Try some scrambled egg, applesauce, or moistened chicken crumbles. As Eggcessive stated, a deep bowl of food would help too, as he could scoop the feed up instead of pecking. To counteract and stress that he's experiencing, I recommend giving some electrolytesn and probiotics. I don't have any experience with beak injuries, but as long as it isn't too severe (the beak isn't cracked/split/missing a large chunk), I think he'll heal fine. Just keep a close eye on him, and make sure that he eats enough.
Thank you to both of you for all of your advice. I went back out yesterday afternoon and started with a banana. He was able to eat some of that. We also scattered some feed on the ground and he could pick that up easier than in the metal feeder. Upon closer inspection, he is missing a small portion of the tip of his top beak...maybe about 1/6 -1/4 inch at the most. I am relieved that he is now eating, so I think the most I can do right now is keep an eye on him and make sure he is eating. Fortunately he rules the flock and the other chickens have left his injury alone. Thanks again!

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