Cockerel with limp & weight loss???

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    Jan 18, 2016
    I have a 4 month old cockerel that started having a limp approx 5 days ago. He's lost a lot of weight. He has gotten better regarding coordination, my first thought when I noticed was Marek's, I don't think that is the case from everything I have read. I have supplemented water with electrolytes thinking it was d/t an imbalance, treated with Corid thinking it could have been coccidiosis (not at the same time), I wormed him yesterday (& the rest of my flock). He did have 1 poop with roundworms in it after the wormer. There are no open wounds, no mites, no respiratory type distress, injured leg has no swelling or redness. Comb and waddles are still red. I have him in a dog crate. I feed mash and leave pellets as well. He does eat a little. I did give a PenG injection yesterday & today thinking he may have some sort of internal infection from this 'injured' leg. Anyone else have additional thoughts or ideas? I know a vet is always an option, just asking if there is anything else I can do differently. Thanks in advance.
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    You may want to take him to a vet.

    An overload of worms can cause the weight loss. What did you use to de-worm?
    The leg may be a sprain, so keep him separated and see if the limping improves or the next couple of days. Any sores on the bottom of the feet?
    Offer some poultry vitamins in his water and give extra protein like eggs, tuna or mackerel.

    Let us know how he is doing.
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    It sounds like Marek's to me. What makes you think it is not?

    The reason I think it probably is Marek's is because:-
    1. It's an extremely common and easily contracted disease.
    2. He is the right age to get it, it's the time of year for it.
    3. Lameness and weight loss are two of the primary symptoms.

    Worms, lice etc can be secondary problems often because a bird's health and immune system are compromised.

    I have two with Marek's at the moment and I had to cull a young pullet with it last week. I've had it in my flock for 2 years so I'm pretty familiar with. Hope I'm wrong for your sake but don't kid yourself that because he hasn't died or is showing some improvement, that it's not Marek's as it affects them all in different ways. I've had some be badly lame for a few days and then completely recover, some die suddenly and some make a significant but not total recovery after months of TLC and supportive care.

    Interestingly I have a hen that has recently started roosting in the rafters of the coop with my young pullets. She was horribly lame the other day but what struck me is that she is lame because she injured her leg. The difference between that and the birds with Marek's that lose coordination and wobble or walk down on their hock, rather than limp to keep weight bearing to a minimum, is amazingly obvious, once you see one with an injury to compare it to.

    Good luck with him and the rest of your flock.



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